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Landing Renovation - Phase 1N/AEarly Spring 2024Seawall installation ongoing. 10' Concrete boardwalk to be poured first week in November. Remaining items to be completed in Phase 1 is a new T-Dock on West side, lighting, Pocket Beach/Kayak Launch, and Landing 765' Boardwalk and railing system.
Landing Renovation - Phase 2February 2024Fall 2024Phase 2 includes Performance Stage (With funding from TDC), Amphitheater tiers, Restrooms (2), Lighting
Museum AdditionAugust 23, 2023April 2024Waiting on Steel delivery. Groundwork and footer work will start in early November.
Cemetery Administration BuildingSeptember 1, 2023December 1, 2023Building is erected. Brick base is currently being installed. Steel interior framework is complete. Sheetrock walls completed.
Liza Jackson Waterfront RenovationJanuary 1, 2024September 1, 2025Task Order Approved in September. Design Planning Meeting scheduled for early November to kick-off
New City HallOngoingN/ABring to Council in January for update from Ajax on new construction plan for existing property
Library Park/Ferry RoadJanuary 1, 2024June 1, 2023Currently waiting on Legal Description to be completed. Once Lease Agreement is completed, project will be bid out for sod, irrigation, lighting, shade, trees, and stage area.
Library Walkway OpeningJanuary 1, 2024June 1, 2024Remove existing 20' of wall to open walkway with pavers/concrete (Coordinate with Tom Tona). Getting paver quotes to connect to Ferry Road Park
Preston Hood Recreation Complex ExpansionN/AN/ADesign Plans are 100% Complete. Developing bid scope of work for bid process. Bring to Council in early Spring with recommendation of award.
Ferry Park RestroomsN/AN/AComplete
Ferry Park Pickleball Complex

Site survey to start November 2023. Utilize City Asphalt Contractor, Fence Contractor, Court Resurface Contractor. City Crews to install Lighting/Power
Jet/Holmes Park RestroomNovember 14, 2023Sep-24Award to City Council at November 14th Meeting. Typically 6-8 Month Delivery time
Preston Hood Turf ProjectJanuary 1, 2024March 30, 2024Field Turf on Fields 1-5 - Outfields to remain Bermuda Grass
Coral Creek TrailNovember 14, 2023TBDTask Order to City Council Nov 14, 2023 Meeting to develop design plans for project
Branding ProjectOngoingNovember 14, 2023Developed Tagline/Logo - Revealed to City Council @ November 14, 2023 Council Meeting

UT2102 Brooks Bridge Water & Sewer Relocations

6/1/2023  6/1/2026 

25% Complete. Ongoing. Design finished. Construction of new City LS No.48, 49

UT2102 Construction of Lift Station No. 46 (Freedom Beacon)6/1/202312/30/202360% complete. Construction of new lift station No. 46, 1500 LF of 12-inch watermain, and 2300 LF of 6-inch force main 
WMTR23 Water Meter Replacement3/1/202312/30/20245% Complete. Replacement of 9,000 residential meters and backflows, and 1,000 commercial. Also EPA LSL compliance.
SP2201 Lift Station No. 22 Replacement3/1/20235/1/2024Finishing Design. Replacement of existing lift station at Alabama Avenue NW and Beal Parkway.
ST2002 Hollywood NW-SW and Robinwood Drive NW-SW12/1/20233/1/2024Waiting for contractor (Ingram) to mobilize. Material available.
ST2401 General Street Resurfacing4/1/20245/1/2024Preparing Asphalt list for 2024 for estimation of paving to be Spring 2024.
ST2402 Sidewalk Improvements1/1/20249/30/2024Awaiting new sidewalk bid. Preparing sidewalk segments for 2024 for estimation of construction to start 01/2024.
WO1701 Well 3 - Building Piping Rehab6/1/20249/30/2024Awaiting task order, design, and engineering of piping and building structure.
WO2301 Waterline Replacement Beachview Drive NE4/1/20244/30/2024Preparing engineering design in-house. Ordering materials winter 2023.
WO2401 Waterline Replacement Moriarity Street NW5/1/20245/30/2024Preparing engineering design in-house. Ordering materials winter 2023.
Comp. Plan/LDC updates for density & MX-3 zoningOngoing4/1/2024Council workshop held on 11/14/2023, staff now preparing code changes to bring back to Council after the new year.
LDC updates for allowable uses in DDOD1/1/20246/1/2024Staff has preliminarily reviewed LDC and will hold public meetings in the spring to further refine changes.
Downtown Design Guidelines1/1/20248/1/2024Staff working with Purchasing to prepare bid package this fall to solicit bids for this project, scope & ratings criteria sent to Purchasing to start preparing
223 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE decorative fence screening10/4/202312/31/2023
Working with TDC on project, Fast Signs to measure fencing/collecting information renderings/set up QR code for website project update.  Mikiko has message out to Fast Signs for update.  TDC portion of screening is ready to move forward for production.

CRA decorative street signs3/1/202312/31/2023Street signs phases 1 & 2 completed, PO in process for remainder (phases 3 - 7).  Working with Facilities to coordinate installation.
CRA wayfindingongoing12/31/2024Wayfinding plan complete, working on Landing entrance sign project, and bid process in early 2024 for phases.
CPTED - Harbeson Rd. lighting9/1/2023Dependent on FPLFPL has sent suggested lighting for Harbeson Phase, ok given, waiting on FPL to install.
CPTED - Carson Dr. lighting9/1/2023
Dependent on FPL
Pending FPL lighting response to our request
CPTED - Landscaping contract10/17/202312/31/2023Evaluate needs for the CPTED landscaping and submit an ITB, staff met with one landscape contractor recently to discuss needs. Working with Purchasing on bid process for it.
Workforce Housing Program Guidelines10/11/202312/31/2023Developing program process/guidelines manual based on Council's feedback on 10/10/2023 to bring back to Council in Dec. 2023.
Library solar panel research1/1/20246/1/2024Research library solar panel potential based on Council comments from CRA meeting.
CRA/PD Golf Cart5/18/202312/31/2023Currently stored at PD.  Fleet to install Police and caution running lights.  Metal plates for PD logos needed to be installed and magnetic logos ordered. 
CRA Quarterly Townhalls9/13/202312/31/2024Determining dates, location, and format for new community CRA meetings for 2024 and outreach to CRA properties/businesses.
Vandergriff Park Entrance1/1/202412/31/2024Arch for entrance and removal of concrete pad
CRA information tower signs8/1/202312/31/2023POs in process to install for informational tower sign downtown by Library. PO issued for info tower, waiting on PO for software for it. Working with Facilities on install.
LDC Live Local Act Review1/1/20246/1/2024Staff to review Live Local Act and LDC to consistency, possible LDC amendments to come.
Code Enforcement Special Magistrate OngoingOngoingStaff met with new Special Magistrate following Council approval, working out contract with Purchasing and schedule to begin using them.  Contract signed week on 11/27 for this service.
Amplifund Grant SoftwareOngoing1/1/2024Data implementation phase completed, goal is to be live by the end of 2023.
ClearGov Budget SoftwareOngoing1/01/2024Data implementation completed, now in the test environment and training module phase. Goal is to have budget book built and live by beginning 2024.