Sanitation Regulations

Sanitation Regulations

The City of Fort Walton Beach is known for its community spirit and its efforts to inform and motivate residents and businesses to make conscious and positive choices that enrich the appearance and condition of the City’s neighborhoods and business districts.

This collective effort:

Enhances the City’s appearance.
Encourages business and property owner compliance.
Enforces environmental and safety regulations.


The community should become the eyes and ears of our joint effort to keep the City of Fort Walton Beach clean.

The property owner, resident or business is responsible for keeping the area from the property line to the curb face free of litter, debris or safety hazards.

To report violations or request information please contact the following City department(s):

City of Fort Walton Beach Sanitation Division – 850-833-9655
City of Fort Walton Beach Code Enforcement  – 850-833-9605

To report graffiti or illegal dumping in progress call
City of Fort Walton Beach Police Department – 850-833-9546

You can help by fighting back. Work with your merchant or neighborhood associations to organize community paint-outs and community clean-ups against graffiti vandalism, illegal dumping, illegal posters and litter.

You can help by reminding and informing your residential or business neighbor that placing debris on the sidewalk and roadway reduces your ability to protect your property, safety and health. Encourage your neighbor to be a good neighbor.

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