Curbside Recycling Program

Curbside Recycling Program

Look for the yellow lid!Curbside Recycling Update 6/28/16:
-Approval of Next Phase of Recycling Program Rollout
After a temporary hold to our program rollout while we secured access to the most cost effective recycling drop-off options, the FWB City Council has approved Zone 4 (Map below) for curbside recycling beginning October 1st! The area of Ferry, Yacht Club, and Garnier Beach neighborhoods will begin receiving their recycle carts over the next few months, in time for the October 2016 rollout.

-Glass Will No Longer Be Accepted as a Recyclable in our Curbside Program (Citywide)
Over time, in the larger industry of processing facilities and material handlers, glass is increasingly viewed as a contaminant rather than as a commodity. Our removal of glass is in keeping with our commitment to cost effectiveness and to remaining a cooperative partner with our haulers and facilities. Curbside recycling is not a self-contained function for the City; we rely on partners and must work with them and adapt to changes in the recycling market just as they do. Fortunately, glass currently accounts for only about 5% of overall recycling intake, so the bulk of our recycling haul is made up of other materials.

This decision affects all currently recycling and future recycling zones within the City.
We understand that this transition will take time and that you may have questions about this topic. We encourage you to contact our staff at the Sanitation Division and we will continue to work on informing and assisting our residents with this transition over the coming months.

-For more information about any of these topics, contact us!
City of Fort Walton Beach Sanitation: (850) 833-9655

You can also view meetings live or after the fact, read City Council agendas, or view staff backup research at your convenience by visiting
Stay informed!


March 24, 2015: We are pleased to announce that by unanimous City Council vote, Curbside Residential Recycling will return to the City of Fort Walton Beach!

The program will feature:
•Full-size, 95-gallon rolling recycle carts
•Convenient single stream collection
•Weekly curbside pickup service

How does the program work and who is eligible to participate?
The program follows a four-phase rollout plan, allowing participants in the Zones 1 and 2 of the successful six-month pilot program to continue with the regularly scheduled garbage and recycling pickups that were established during the pilot phase.

Curbside recycling will be rolled out in the rest of the City as follows:
June 1, 2015: Zone 3 (Elliott Point and East Ferry Park)
Monday garbage pickup, Thursday recycling pickup

October 1, 2016: Zone 4 (Garniers Beach, South Bayou, remainder of Ferry Park neighborhood)
Tuesday garbage pickup, Friday recycling pickup

January 1, 2017: Zone 5 (Northwest area)
Tuesday garbage pickup, Friday recycling pickup

January 1, 2018: Zone 6 (Oakland, W.E. Combs)
Tuesday garbage pickup, Friday recycling pickup


View the maps and pickup calendars below to find out more about the rollout of the recycling zones and their corresponding pickup days.

Kennwood Complete



South Complete


Coming 6/1/15

Zone 3 Coming 6/1/15


Zone 4 Coming 1/1/16

Zone 4 Coming 10/1/16

Zone 5 Coming 1/1/17

Zone 5 Coming 1/1/17


Zone 6 Coming 1/1/18

What can be placed in the recycle cart?
You can check our list below for examples of acceptable items, or you can contact us at (85) 833-9655 for more information.


The Following Items Should Not be Placed in your Recycle Cart:

  • Garden Hoses
  • Plastic foam (cups, egg cartons, take-out containers)
  • Plastic bags, films and packaging
  • Fabric, clothing and textiles
  • Wire clothes hangers
  • Pizza boxes
  • Syringes
  • Trash (you may be charged for extra trash if you put trash in your recycling cart)
  • Electronics
  • Food
  • Yard trimmings/leaves
  • Helium tanks
  • Large metal items (such as frying pans and metal pipes)
  • Large plastics that do not fit in the recycling cart with the lid closed.

Guidelines for Recycling Plastic:
Please empty and rinse items before placing them in recycle cart
•Only hard plastics are accepted; please do not place plastic foam, plastic bags, or plastic wrap in your recycle cart.

Before you Recycle:
Rinse food residue off all recyclables
Dry paper before placing it in your cart
Crush recyclables like cans, plastic jugs, and bottles
Flatten boxboard and corrugated cardboard
Remove any metal components from plastic items

Collection Guidelines
•Place recycling cart at the curb by 6:30 a.m. on day of scheduled pickup
•Set your cart at least 4 feet away from cars, mailboxes, trees, overhead wires, or other obstructions.

For more information about single stream recycling or our Pilot Program, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at (850) 833-9655.