18-023 RFP – Request for Financing Proposals


The City of Fort Walton Beach, Florida (the “City”) is requesting proposals from various financial institutions to provide “Non-Bank Qualified”, tax-exempt fixed rate financing (the “Loan”) for the City’s proposed Capital Improvement Revenue Bond, Series 2018 (the “Series 2018 Bond”). The Series 2018 Bond will be used to finance infrastructure projects for the City, which include the following:

The construction of a Field Office Complex which will consolidate eight (8) facilities located at four (4) locations into three (3) facilities located at a single location. The total cost includes construction, construction administrations, furniture and fixtures, all landscaping, etc. In essence, a full build out.  PLEASE SEE BID DOCUMENT FOR COMPLETE DETAILS.

Linked Documents are underlined and in BLUE.

Bid Document – Posted 10-11-2018 (7 pgs)

Exhibits –  Exhibit A – FWB Financial Status Report; Aug 2018 – Posted 10-11-2018


Bid Opening – October 30, 2018

Staff Recommendation

Council Award