17-004 RFP – Design Build Concrete Skate Park – Phase 2


The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals for a concrete skate park bowl structure that ties into the existing skate park. The main structure should be an above-grade concrete bowl-type structure and can also include other concrete structures that fit into the budget allowed.  The structure needs to accommodate both freestyle BMX and skateboard users.  PLEASE SEE BID DOCUMENT FOR COMPLETE DETAILS.

Linked Documents are underlined and in BLUE.

Bid Document Bid-Doc-Skate Park-Phase-2

Exhibit A – Site-Dimensions-Layout

Exhibit B – Site Drawings 

Addendum-1 – Posted December 22, 2016

Addendum 2 – Posted December 22, 2016

Miscellaneous Documents

Bid Opening – Bids Received    Attendee Sheet   January 10, 2017  – (2:30 Central Time) – City Hall Annex Training Room

Bid Tabulation

City Council Award