Pirates: Last Scourge of the Gulf

Pirates: Last Scourge of the Gulf

Two hundred years ago, the Gulf of Mexico was a dangerous and foreboding body of water. No vessel was safe from the constant threat of attack from pirate ships who scourged across its high seas.

Pirates: The Last Scourge of the Gulf recounts the forgotten story of these last pirates of the Gulf of Mexico. The exhibit unravels this worst outbreak of piracy in the Gulf and Caribbean Basin since the age of the most notorious pirates such as Blackbeard and Black Bart. 

Pirates Exhibit Photo 2Pirates: The Last Scourge of the Gulf is an educational and interactive exhibit that allows visitors to test their pirate knot tying skills, try on clothing real pirates from the period would have worn, raise a pirate flag on a crow’s nest, and feel what it was like to stand on a deck and steer the ship. 

This exhibit was made possible by the generous support and sponsorship of Friends of the Museums, Inc., a non-profit organization founded in July 1995, with the goal to foster and advance educational and scientific research to preserve, protect, and promote the rich cultural heritage of this area. The organization is dedicated to supporting the museums of Heritage Park.  Additional sponsors for the exhibit include the Florida Department of State Bureau of Archaeological Research and the Museum of Florida History in Tallahassee. 

Pirates Exhibit Photo 3

Heritage Park is now offering the exclusive Pirates: The Last Scourge of the Gulf exhibit for lease. Exhibit includes the following:


  • Seventeen 30″ X 40″ Text/Graphic panels with rope cleat hardware for mounting
  • One large 50″ X 62″ 1774 year Map/Intro panel
  • 28 Images
  • Knot tying interactive
  • Quarterdeck with ship wheel interactive
  • Crow’s nest interactive
  • Pirate uniform try-on area (includes three pirate shirts, slops, and hats)
  • Scale model of a 19th century privateer schooner
  • Eight 12″ X 18″ unique pirate flags

 SPACE REQUIREMENTS:550 square feet (109 linear feet for panels)

FEES: $1500 plus shipping


Now booking through September 2014. Please call 850-833-9595 or email Museum Manager Gail Meyer at gmeyer@fwb.org for more information