Programming at the Indian Temple Mound Museum

Inside the Indian Temple Mound Museum are some of the finest examples of Southeastern Native American ceramics in the United States.

The exhibits tell 14,000 years of history starting with the pottery, tools, and achievements of this area’s prehistoric populations and ending with the very early history of the place that we call Fort Walton Beach. The museum visit is a fun-filled, fact finding experience!

Students will find areas for hands-on exploration, quiet reflection, and personal accomplishment. There is a great deal to see and do at the Indian Temple Mound Museum!

What will my students learn at the Indian Temple Mound Museum?

The Indian Temple Mound Museum showcases the shell, stone, and ceramic artifacts created by Florida’s First People. Programs at the museum are designed to introduce students to Florida’s First People, who migrated and settled in Florida some 14,000 years ago. They flourished until the arrival of the Europeans in the 16th century, who changed their way of life forever. In the older grades, an emphasis is placed on how they lived in Pre-Columbian time, with special emphasis on the Mississipian Culture that once lived in this region. Students will see actual Native American artifacts while experiencing cultural diversity, archaeology, social science, ecology, and Native American History (and have a fun time, too!)

Programs at the museum will feature:

  • Presentation by a trained museum educator
  • Tour of the artifact gallery with hands-on history displays
  • Tour of the Fort Walton Temple Mound, a National Historic Landmark.

What will the programs be about?

Here is a helpful list of presentation titles with brief descriptions for different age groups:

  • Preschool: “Indian Tales” This is a discovery visit. Storytelling engages students and allows them to know the people who made and used the artifacts  in the museum
  • Kindergarten: “See and Do” This introduces students to the museum artifact collection and to Native American culture.
  • First Grade: “History is for YOU”: The program uses storytelling to introduce museums and the use of various Native American artifacts.
  • Second and Third Grade: “The Indian Way at Home and at Play” This program helps students explore and discover the life ways of the Native Americans of the past.
  • Third to Fifth Grades: “Florida’s First People”: This program details Native American lifeways with a concentration on the Mississippian Mound Builders.

Specialized classes for subjects of interest to older grades, mixed grades, or adult groups are available! Please call the museum  at (850) 833-9595 for more information at least two weeks prior to  your requested visit date.