Programming at the Camp Walton Schoolhouse Museum

The Camp Walton Schoolhouse Museum sits in historic downtown Fort Walton Beach nestled among the trees enticing students to experience schooling as it was in the past. The two room school is filled with sights, smells, and experiences to delight students and adults alike. Students are encouraged to use their eyes and ears to discover actual objects used in teaching over 90 years ago.

What will my students learn at the Camp Walton Schoolhouse Museum?

The Camp Walton Schoolhouse is the original one-room facility created by the local community in 1911 and opened for students in 1912. The high school room was added in 1927 making the structure a two-room school. The building has been adaptively restored and now functions as an educational museum whose mission is to preserve, maintain and interpret for exhibition items from the history of Camp Walton, Florida.

The exhibition collection includes items from the early education of students in Okaloosa County, as well as items from the families that lived the history of Camp Walton.

What will the programs be about?

Programs introduce students to a school of the past and allow them to compare and contrast life in the early 1900’s with their current school environment. Programs take place inside the Camp Walton Schoolhouse itself and allows students to experience Community Studies, History, and the R’s. Programs generally last about an hour.

Here is a helpful list of program titles with brief descriptions for different age groups:

Preschool/Kindergarten: ‘Let’s Go to School”: This is a discovery visit. Storytelling is used to introduce the learning environment.

First and Second Grade:  “School Days”: This introduces students to past school activities with emphasis on role playing and imagination.

Third and Fourth Grade: “The Schoolhouse: Then and Now”: This visit is designed to allow comparison and contrast of schools and local community history.

Specialized classes for subjects of interest to older grades or adults are available! Please call the museum at 850-833-9595 to speak with a member of the education staff at least two weeks before your desired program date.