Proctoring Request

Proctoring Request

The student must contact the library to request proctoring service before an examination is sent by the student’s college or university. The library requires the student’s name, home or business address, telephone number and email address (if appropriate) at that time. Examinations received without advance notice and contact information from the student will be returned to the institution.

The student is responsible for having the examination and instructions sent to the library and to determine when it has arrived. The student will schedule a date and time to take the exam only after it arrives at the library.

The library will proctor written or online examinations. Examinations from the student’s institution may be sent via email or postal service. The library reserves the right to refuse proctoring if the requirements exceed staff or facility capabilities.

The test date and time must be arranged during regular library hours.

Tests should not exceed four hours in duration. If the student fails to comply with the agreed upon test date and time for each proctoring session, a librarian may return the examination to the institution.

The library cannot provide proctoring if a librarian is required to be with the student during the entire exam. The librarian will not monitor a student continuously during an exam, but may check on the student periodically.

It is the student’s responsibility to verify that the proctoring conditions provided by the library meet all requirements of the institution administering the exam.

For more information, please email