Financial Services

Financial Services

The Finance Department is dedicated to providing professional financial support related to all aspects of financial administration for the City.

The integrity of the City’s financial records is important in upholding the public’s trust and ensuring reliance on the financial reports produced. Transparency in these financial records is very important to us, hence, we invite you to monitor our City’s financial status as we progress throughout the year – view the most recent status history report here.

We are committed to maintaining the City’s sound financial position and stable environment while offering quality services efficiently and responsibly.

Fees charged by the City are compiled and included in one document, the Comprehensive Fee Schedule, which is updated periodically, as needed.


The City’s investment activities are managed according to the  Investment Policy, which applies to all investments held or controlled by the City.  This policy addresses the investment of public funds in excess of the amounts needed to meet current expenses.  It is designed to safeguard the City’s funds, ensure the availability of operating and capital funds when needed, and provide an investment return  that is competitive with comparable funds and financial market indices. The Quarterly Performance Review – Pooled  and Quarterly Performance Review – Cemetery summarizes the City’s investments that are held with PFM Asset Management, LLC.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR)

The City of Fort Walton Beach is required to prepare annually, in conjunction with its financial audit, the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). These reports are available below as downloadable PDF files.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 9-30-2017

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 9-30-2016

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 9-30-2015

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 9-30-2014

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 9-30-2013

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 9-30-2012

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 9-30-2011

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 9-30-2010

Pension Funds

The City of Fort Walton Beach maintains three (3) separate Defined Benefits Pension Plans. Section 112.664, Florida Statutes, requires that certain disclosures related to these Plans be made available to the public. Those disclosures are provided below.

F.S. 112 664 Compliance – 2017 Fort Walton Beach Police

F.S. 112 664 Compliance – 2017 Fort Walton Beach General

F.S. 112 664 Compliance – 2017 – Fort Walton Beach Fire

Below is a schedule showing the last five (5) years of investment returns for each of the City’s three (3) Defined Benefit Pension Plans.

Fort Walton Beach General (Rate of Return and Asset Allocation) 09/30/2017

Fort Walton Beach Fire (Rate of Return and Asset Allocation) 09/30/2017

Fort Walton Beach Police (Rate of Return and Asset Allocation) 09/30/2017

In addition, please view the Division of Retirement Actuarial Summary Fact Sheet for each of our three plans.

The Economic Development Council for Okaloosa County, Florida is a non-profit, public-private partnership serving Okaloosa County as its primary economic development organization.  The EEDC FY17 Accomplishments per F.S. 166.021 summarizes their commitment to continual growth and diversification through existing industry retention and expansion, workforce development, and expansion of key industry clusters.

Meet Jimmy Patronis, who serves the citizens of the state of Florida as the state’s elected Chief Financial Officer.