Flood Information

Flood Information

Most of these FEMA, Corps of Engineers and Flood Management documents are available in electronic format with links provided below. Hard copies of some of these documents are available at the Fort Walton Beach Public Library or at the City Hall Annex in the Building Inspection or Planning and Zoning Division at 105 Miracle Strip Parkway SW.

If you have any questions about the contents on this page or need any help, please contact the Planning and Zoning Division for assistance.

Documents on flood insurance:
Answers to Questions about the NFIP (FEMA F-084, March 2011)
Get Protected. You Can’t Afford To Wait
Hurricane Season is Flood Season

Documents on protecting a building:
Above the Flood: Elevating your Floodprone House (FEMA 347, May 2000)
Coastal Construction Manual (Volume I and Volume II): Principles and Practices of Planning, Siting, Designing, Constructing, and Maintaining Residential Buildings in Coastal Areas (FEMA P-55 Fourth Edition, August 2011)
Design Manual for Retrofitting Floodprone Residential Structures (FEMA 114, September 1986) – Also available at the Fort Walton Beach Engineering-GIS Division
Elevated Residential Structures (FEMA 54, March 1984)
Engineering Principles & Practices for Retrofitting Flood Prone Residential Structures (FEMA P-259, January 2012)
Flood Proofing – How to Evaluate Your Options (USACE, July 1993)
Flood Proofing Non-Residential Structures (FEMA 102, May 1986)
Flood Proofing Regulations (USACE EP 1165-2-314, December 1995)
Flood Proofing Systems & Techniques – Examples of flood proofed structures in the United States (USACE, December 1984)
Flood Proofing Techniques, Programs, and References (USACE, May 2000)
Flood Proofing Technology – In the Tug Fork Valley (USACE, April 1994)
Homeowner’s Guide to Retrofitting (FEMA P-312, June 2014)
Local Flood Proofing Programs (USACE, February 2005)
Protecting Building Utilities from Flood Damage (FEMA P-348, February 2017)
Protecting Manufactured Homes from Floods & Other Hazards (FEMA P-85, November 2009)
Raising & Moving the Slab-on-Grade House with Slab Attached (USACE, 1990)
Reducing Damage from Localized Flooding: A Guide for Communities (FEMA P-511, June 2005)
Repairing Your Flooded Home (FEMA P-234, October 2010)

Floodplain management or flood hazard mitigation:
A Unified National Program for Floodplain Management (FEMA 248, June 1994)
Addressing Your Community’s Flood Problems (FEMA 309, June 1996)
Design Guidelines for Flood Damage Reduction (FEMA 15, December 1981)
Floodplain Management in the US: An Assessment Report (Volume 1) (FIA 17, June 1992)
Reducing Losses in High Risk Flood Hazard Areas – A Guidebook for Local Officials (FEMA 116, February 1987)
Using Multi-Objective Management to Reduce Flood Losses in Your Watershed (ASFPM, 1996)

Natural and Beneficial functions of floodplains:
A Unified National Program for Floodplain Management (FEMA 248, June 1994)
Natural and Beneficial Functions of Floodplains (FEMA 409, June 2002) – Also available at the Fort Walton Beach Public Library
Protecting Floodplain Resources – A Guidebook for Communities (FEMA 268, September 2007)

Directory of additional sources of information:
Federal Emergency Management Agency
FEMA Hurricane Ivan Surge Inundation Maps
Floodsmart: The Official Site of the NFIP
List of hard copy documents available and location of where they can be accessed in Fort Walton Beach
Local, State, and Federal Agencies that can provide information

Locally pertinent documents:
City of Fort Walton Beach Hurricane Info. Brochure (Aug 2015)
Elevation Certificates – for buildings built or substantially improved in the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) inside the City of Fort Walton Beach since February 6, 1991
Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) for Fort Walton Beach
Florida and Eastern Gulf of Mexico Recent Marine Data from the National Data Buoy Center
Fort Walton Beach Flood Facts (October 2017)
Hurricane Surge Map for Fort Walton Beach