Elevation Certificates

Elevation Certificates

FEMA National Flood Insurance Program

The City has elevation certificates available for buildings built or substantially improved in the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) inside the City of Fort Walton Beach since February 6, 1991. The elevation certificates are indexed by Street Name in .pdf format. Click on an address below to see the elevation certificate available for that address.

Alconese Ave SE
225 Alconese Ave SE
227 Alconese Ave SE
229 Alconese Ave SE

Bay Dr NE
46 Bay Dr NE

Bay Dr SE
5 Bay Dr SE
33 Bay Dr SE
39 Bay Dr SE
45 Bay Dr SE

Bayshore St NE
210 Bayshore St NE

Beachview Dr NE
211 Beachview Dr NE
217 Beachview Dr NE
219 Beachview Dr NE
249 Beachview Dr NE
253 Beachview Dr NE
255 Beachview Dr NE
265 Beachview Dr NE

Beal Pkwy NW
159 Beal Pkwy NW
323 Beal Pkwy NW

Brooks St SE
113 Brooks St SE
167 Brooks St SE
169A Brooks St SE
169B Brooks St SE
187B Brooks St SE
203 Brooks St SE
205 Brooks St SE
240 Brooks St SE
240A Brooks St SE
240B Brooks St SE
240C Brooks St SE
240D Brooks St SE
240E Brooks St SE
248 Brooks St SE
250 Brooks St SE
252 Brooks St SE
254 Brooks St SE
278 Brooks St SE
300 Brooks St SE
312 Brooks St SE
322 Brooks St SE
324 Brooks St SE
326 Brooks St SE
342 Brooks St SE
348 Brooks St SE
350 Brooks St SE
351 Brooks St SE
352 Brooks St SE
354 Brooks St SE
355 Brooks St SE
356 Brooks St SE

Coral Dr SW
168 Coral Dr SW

Costaki Ct NW
217 Costaki Ct NW
218 Costaki Ct NW

Cowrie Ave SW
105 Cowrie Ave SW

Crewilla Dr NW
228 Crewilla Dr NW

Elliott Rd SE
340 Elliott Rd SE

Ferry Rd NE
34 Ferry Rd NE
59 Ferry Rd NE
154A Ferry Rd NE
154B Ferry Rd NE
156 Ferry Rd NE
158 Ferry Rd NE
160 Ferry Rd NE
162 Ferry Rd NE
164 Ferry Rd NE

Gardner Dr NE
392 Gardner Dr NE

Gilmore Ct SE
208 Gilmore Ct SE
210 Gilmore Ct SE

Girard Ave NW
224 Girard Ave NW
225 Girard Ave NW
226 Girard Ave NW

Greenbrier Dr NE
205 Greenbrier Dr NE

Howell Dr NW
101 Howell Dr NW

Lakeside Ct NE
1 Lakeside Ct NE

Laurie Dr NE
64 Laurie Dr NE

Linstew Dr NW
125 Linstew Dr NW
241A Linstew Dr NW

Miracle Strip Pkwy SW
14 Miracle Strip Pkwy SW
124 Miracle Strip Pkwy SW
127 Miracle Strip Pkwy SW
216 Miracle Strip Pkwy SW
218A Miracle Strip Pkwy SW
218C Miracle Strip Pkwy SW
218D Miracle Strip Pkwy SW
218F Miracle Strip Pkwy SW
218H Miracle Strip Pkwy SW
218J Miracle Strip Pkwy SW
218K Miracle Strip Pkwy SW
218M Miracle Strip Pkwy SW
218N Miracle Strip Pkwy SW
218P Miracle Strip Pkwy SW
218Q Miracle Strip Pkwy SW
218S Miracle Strip Pkwy SW
348 Miracle Strip Pkwy SW

Ready Ave NW
40 Ready Ave NW

Shell Ave SE
316 Shell Ave SE

Sleepy Oaks Rd NW
109 Sleepy Oaks Rd NW
247 Sleepy Oaks Rd NW

Sloat Ct SE
201 Sloat Ct SE
202 Sloat Ct SE
203 Sloat Ct SE
205 Sloat Ct SE

Sudduth Cir NE
306 Sudduth Cir NE

Ventura Cir NW
274 Ventura Cir NW

Walkedge Dr SE
107 Walkedge Dr SE
203 Walkedge Dr SE

Yacht Club Dr NE
105 Yacht Club Dr NE
111 Yacht Club Dr NE
239 Yacht Club Dr NE
249 Yacht Club Dr NE
261 Yacht Club Dr NE
313 Yacht Club Dr NE