FWB Police Department

FWB Police Department


The Police Department is responsible for protecting and promoting community safety, ensuring the safe and orderly movement of traffic, and for seeking solutions to any problems that threaten the quality of life in the City of Fort Walton Beach. Through its community policing initiative, the Department uses innovative approaches to problem solving and crime prevention.

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Latest News from the Fort Walton Beach PD:

8/14/14 – The Fort Walton Beach Police Department intends to apply for Byrne Justice Act (JAG) countywide solicitation funding in the amount of approximately $15,662 for a law enforcement program. For more information, contact Captain Tom Matz at tmatz@fwb.org

7/31/14 – On July 29, 2014, the Fort Walton Beach Police Department unveiled one of eight new vehicles that have been approved for purchase by the City Council.  A change in direction is noticeably reflected in not only the model of the new vehicles, but also in the design.  A longtime staple in the law enforcement community, the now retired Ford Crown Victoria has been replaced by the sleeker new Interceptor model.

As for the graphic design, the City has a talented group of in-house volunteers to thank.  Chaired by Police Sergeant Steve Hull, the volunteer committee eventually agreed on a popular design featuring a fresh take on the City’s classic logo and color scheme.  The design was submitted by the police department’s own Corporal Travis Sailor.  Residents may soon be spotting the four utility vehicles and four sedans on a city street near you!


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