FWBPD Presents H.O.P.E.: the Honorary Officer Police Experience

FWBPD Presents H.O.P.E.: the Honorary Officer Police Experience

Honorary Officer Police Experience Philosophy
In an effort to shed light on what is assuredly one of the most complex and essential jobs in the world, the Fort Walton Beach Police Department is proud to introduce the Honorary Police Officer Experience Initiative. This experience is designed to share the law enforcement story and connect the Fort Walton Beach Police Department’s mission with the community. The program serves to partner law enforcement members with distinguished community and civic leaders who share mutual interests, concerns, and challenges. As an inductee, you have the opportunity to strengthen community relationships where law enforcement and Honorary Officers can positively impact the City of Fort Walton Beach and its surrounding areas.

What to Expect
Honorary Officers will experience the Fort Walton Beach Police Department’s dynamic mission from all angles. From riding shotgun with patrol officers, to testifying in a simulated courtroom setting, Honorary Officers are treated to the full range of operations and resources within the Fort Walton Beach Police Department.

Honorary Officer Alumni
Once your tour of duty as an Honorary Officer is complete, you will be invited to continue with the mission and support as an Honorary Officer Alumni. You will have the opportunity to foster the friendly and professional relationships you have developed over the program experience. For more information, please contact Corporal Charles Pettis at (850)833-9559 or cpettis@fwb.org

Schedule of Events:
Month One: Internet Safety, Online Predators, Children and Social Media

Month Two: Victim Advocacy, CAC, DCF, State Attorney/Defense Attorney

Month Three: Self Defense, Firearm Safety, Concealed Carry

Month Four: Communications, 911 Coordinator, Emergency Management

Month Five: Active Shooter, Officer Involved Shooting, SWAT Demo

Month Six: DUI, MADD, FSTS Demo

Month Seven: Traffic Crash/Homicide Invest, Effects of a Crash, Car Seat Safety

Month Eight: Criminal Investigations Homicide, Medical Examiner, CSI

Month Nine: Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers, Criminal Investigations Property Crimes, Report IT

Month Ten: Patrol Division, Traffic Enforcement, Equipment Demonstration

Month Eleven: Banquet- Participant and Instructor Recognition