Cold Weather Update & Safety Tips

Cold Weather Update & Safety Tips

Read on for information on cold weather safety, the City water system, and cold weather shelters:

Protect yourself and others from the cold weather! See Photo 1 for tips.

Cold Weather Safety

Due to prolonged freezing temperatures, business property owners and tenants in the City of Fort Walton Beach may experience a disruption of water service caused by frozen backflow preventers. (View Photo 2 for an example of what your backflow preventer may look like.) Since most commercial backflows are above ground, they are susceptible to freezing without proper insulation. Backflow prevention devices are usually located next to the City water meter.Backflow Prevention Commercial

Upon opening your business, if you do not have running water, please contact the City at (850) 833-9613 to report the outage. City crews are already moving about the City and assessing the water system.

If the backflow device is frozen, please allow it to thaw and inspect it for cracks and leaks. Ice expansion from the prolonged freeze could result in cracked pipes or valves, which will not be readily visible until the ice melts.

If a leak is discovered, the property owner will need to contact a plumber as the backflow device is the responsibility of the property owner. City crews can assist in determining the issue but cannot repair or replace backflow devices. If your backflow preventer doesn’t have a cover, you can cover or wrap it yourself to help insulate it from the cold.

Daytime: First United Methodist Church of Fort Walton Beach is opening Tuesday January 2nd and Wednesday January 3rd for anyone who needs to get out of the cold from 6:30 a.m. until 5:00 pm. both days. Lunch will be served as well. The address is 103 First St. SE Ft Walton Beach. The Gregg Chapel Life Center in Fort Walton Beach will be open during the day on Thursday and Friday.
Nighttime: One Hopeful Place will be open during the evenings the week of January 1st for anyone needing to escape the cold weather. Transportation will be provided from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. from First United Methodist Church located on First Street in downtown Fort Walton Beach.

Please help spread the word: Looking for a way to make a difference in 2018? One Hopeful Place, Fort Walton Beach’s cold night shelter, is very much in need of overnight volunteers, particularly on Monday, January 1st and on Friday, January 5th.

For more information on how you can help, call (850)586-7879 or email