Hurricane Irma Update & Safety Tips

Hurricane Irma Update & Safety Tips

Irma Map 9.6.17 5 am ASTThis morning, the City’s management team met to discuss planning and responsibilites if Irma becomes a major threat to the Florida panhandle. There’s still uncertainty regarding the final storm track, so we definitely want you to keep monitoring your verified weather and local media outlets for updates (the National Weather Service, for instance). As of the 10:00 a.m. advisory, the projected track has continued shifting further east, which would appear to lower the potential for major storm impact in our area. But remember: stay vigilant and use this opportunity to follow through with the completion of your hurricane plan; we still need to keep an eye on this storm and on the rest of the season.

Is your hurricane kit stocked and up to date (and do you know what should be in it)? Do you know about local evacuation routes and shelters? Are you able to pull your essential contacts and documents together quickly?

If you haven’t already done so, please take the time to visit your local online resources for information on how to complete your family’s hurricane plan:…

Whether or not we have a major storm on the way, we regularly receive questions about sandbag availability. Contact us at (850)833-9513 or (850)833-9607 for more information on our supply availability for our residents!

Other things to keep in mind when we are several days out from possible storm impacts, from your City Sanitation Division:
-Do not cut down trees or do any major yard work.
-Do not begin construction projects that produce debris.
-Mass cutting places a tremendous burden on the normal collection process and there is not enough equipment or manpower to collect the additional material once a storm makes landfall.
-Do not place materials at the curb or take materials to the landfill or transfer facility during a Watch or Warning period. Services may be suspended and facilities closed early to prepare for the storm.

We’ll be posting again after we’ve seen the afternoon/evening advisories. Stay informed, stay involved, and stay safe in the Fort!