FWB Approves Early Rollout of Final Recycling Phase

FWB Approves Early Rollout of Final Recycling Phase

Fort Walton Beach— On March 14th, 2017, the Fort Walton Beach City Council voted unanimously to roll out curbside recycling six months early in its final curbside zone; residential recycling will now be accessible to the entire City by June of 2017, ahead of the originally scheduled January 2018 project completion date.

The final recycling zone includes the western portion of the city and will cost about $74,000 for new 96 gallon, rolling recycle carts. Because of the program’s success beginning with its initial, phased rollout in 2014, however, City residents will not see an increase in their fees or taxes due to the earlier rollout date.

According to the City Engineering Director Tim Bolduc, the City has saved roughly $161,000 dollars in tipping fees now that the City is able to divert more material from the landfill to the commodities market for repurposing.

Residents in the final recycling zone can expect to receive their new carts and recycling guides during the month of May for pickup beginning in June. So to our residents in our final recycling zone, your wait is almost over! For more information about recycling in the City of Fort Walton Beach, visit fwb.org/sanitation or contact us at 833-9655!

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